If you come along to one of our meetings then you’ll find us to be a group of people from all walks of life. At the moment, we are only a small church but you’ll still meet a range of ages from senior citizens down to the very young. And you’ll find that although we now live in the Leytonstone area, we come originally from all over the place – both the UK and overseas.

We believe that God has brought us all together. Each member of the church has come to see the truth about themselves as God sees it. We have each understood that we are sinners. That’s to say that in the past we have lived our lives without God: doing things which make Him angry. But God has made a way for people to be forgiven for their sins and every Christian in our church has been forgiven for all the wrong they have done in their lives. The way God has done this is by sending someone who could rescue us from our sins – a Saviour. His name is Jesus Christ and the Bible tells us all about him and about what He has done.

Also, the Christians who make up our church are Baptists. This means that when we put our trust in Jesus Christ to be our Saviour we also obeyed his command to be baptised, which simply means we were immersed (dipped) in water. The Bible tells us that everyone who puts their faith in Jesus Christ should be baptised and that it should only be such people who are baptised – the Bible says nothing about immersing or sprinkling babies with water.

What’s the point of being baptised? It is an outward sign to show that a person is inwardly trusting Jesus Christ as the one who can wash away their sins and give to them a new life. Having been baptised a person then joins the church and can take part in the privileges of being a member of the church. In particular that means they can join in at the Lord’s Supper (or Communion Service), which is a special time when the members of our church eat bread and drink wine to remember the death of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Do you need to be a Baptist to come to our services? No you don’t! We are glad to welcome anyone to our regular services where we worship God and talk about what He has done. The only thing we would ask is that you remember that the Lord’s Supper is not for everyone, but rather for true Christians who have joined the church. However, you would be welcome to stay with us as an observer if you happen to visit when we are holding this special service.

For more information about the church please take a look at our welcome booklet, available here as a PDF document. You can also read about our beliefs in greater detail by taking a look at our constitution.  A series of sermons based on our constitution may be found be pressing here.