(Appendix A)

This Church is a fellowship of those who give themselves first to the Lord and then to one another. This covenant of membership expresses our acceptance of and our commitment to the privileges and responsibilities this entails

In the presence of Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we solemnly acknowledge the Lord, Jehovah, the one true God, to be our God. By the eternal covenant we understand that God has redeemed us through the vicarious work of His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. We gladly acknowledge that the Lord Jesus is our Prophet, Priest and King. We have willingly given ourselves to Him who has made us to be His people, and we gladly serve Him with our whole being.

We desire above everytlling else to glorify God. We acknowledge that to do this, every thought, word and action must confonn to His Word, the Holy Scriptures. We therefore pledge to make the Scriptures our only mle and guide, and to study them regularly, seeking as we do the help of the Holy Spirit who is their author.

By the grace of God we promise to endeavour to live in obedience to God, to abstain from sin, to love our brothers and sisters in Christ and to seek actively to fulfil the obligations that Scripture requires of us.

Looking to the Lord we therefore resolve before Him:

  • to encourage and admonish our brothers and sisters in all humility and love;
  • to pray for them and for the well-being, unity and growth of this Church, for the presence of God and the power of His Spirit upon all so that Christ may be glorified in the Church;
  • to obey in the Lord those who are appointed to lead this Church, and give whatever support we can to make their work a joy, so long as the Scriptures remain their guide, (the elders promising to endeavour never to lord it over those entrusted to them);
  • to be patient with the weaknesses and shortcomings of each other; if we are aware that someone has a grievance against us, or we against another, we will seek without delay a reconciliation in the Lord according to the Scriptures;
  • to bear one another’s burdens; and
  • not to be absent from the gatherings of the Church without good reason, and to give of our gifts and resources for the Glory of God, for the benefit of the Lord’s people and for the spread of the Gospel.

All is to be done for the Glory of God.