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Sermon Summary - Sunday 2 August 2020

Main Bible passage:  Philemon 1:4-6

Philemon 4-6. After his greeting, Paul next mentions his prayers for the recipient. In his words we hear indications of the way he will write in the rest of the letter. He thanks God for his friend’s faith and the Christian love it has produced. However, he’s praying that this love will be applied more widely across the brothers and sisters (no doubt thinking especially of the returning slave).

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Expanded paraphrase of verses 4-6:

4 Be encouraged, my fellow Christian, because in you I see the wonderful saving work of the Lord. When I speak to God about you, I always give thanks in my prayers for all He has done in your life. 5 What is that? Faith in the Lord Jesus as the very heart of who you are. You have turned from your ways to His. I see that clearly in how you do good to other Christians, the people whom Jesus has made holy – fit for God’s presence. 6 But I am praying for more to be seen! That all the Christians you know (including your slave…) will experience this love so that your life shows ever more clearly, and widely, the beauty of the Lord you trust and his kingdom which brings unity.

Do good to all
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