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Sermon Summary - Sunday 13 June 2021

Main Bible passage:  Mark 7:22

Jesus lists examples of the wickedness we can generate inside. What’s included? Deceit is there, where we use our cunning to manipulate others to our benefit, without a concern for truth. Lewdness is there, where our thoughts become indecent even at times leading to shameful behaviour. Envy is there, where our eye looks at the life of another wishing them ill for having what they have, desiring it for ourselves. Each evil is the distortion of a good ability for wicked purposes. Each is unworthy of those who bear the image of God in whom is found absolute truth, perfect relationships and the inspiration to live well, as seen in Jesus. Why does Jesus expose this pollution of our soul? That we would seek forgiveness and new life from him.

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Thoughts which lie, shame and resent
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