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Sermon Summary - Sunday 28 March 2021

Main Bible passage:  Mark 6:7-13

Now homeless, Jesus sees that it’s time to increase the reach of his mission. He sends out his 12 disciples two-by-two to battle with unclean spirits. It’s a sign that as king he will win the greatest victory of all: over Satan and his hoards. Success in that battle will place him on a road which inevitably leads to a glorious kingdom for God that stretches across the world and rises above all others. However, in the mission of the 12 it is made obvious that Jesus will not use the world’s manipulative and brutal techniques to gain power. The disciples travel light and unimpressively, dependent upon hospitality and making mistakes. But God is at work through them and the people of Israel had better pay attention or lose everything.

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Empty pockets, dusty feet
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