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Sermon Summary - Sunday 29 November 2020

Main Bible passage:  Mark 2:13-22

Jesus has previously shown that his miracles are pointers to his greatest work: forgiveness for sin. That’s even clearer when he calls Levi to follow him. Though named after the priestly tribe of Israel, this man has become an ‘unclean’ figure, despised by many for working in a greedy and corrupt job. But Jesus gladly eats with him and others like him, for he has come to save the lost and bring us back to God. Jesus’ religious opponent, however, are deeply unhappy with his actions – in more than one way. But that’s because they’ve failed to grasped Jesus’ mission or their own sinfulness. Until they start listening properly, there’s nothing Jesus can do with them. The same is true of us.

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Papering over the cracks
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