iGod - Smart thinking?

More than ever before, we can engage with the world around us in whatever way we want – especially thanks to our amazing technology. So shouldn’t that include spirituality? Isn’t it time for each of us simply to do God in our own way (or not at all) and get organised religion out of modern society? Wouldn’t we all be better off without it? Phil Heaps doesn’t agree. A few years ago he moved from being a Microsoft programmer to a church leader, and has no regrets about that. He believes that the Christian church, when truly following Jesus, helps us know God like nothing else can. What do you think?

Forest Baptist Church has invited Phil to speak about this at a ‘Talk & Discussion’ evening, on Fri 23rd March 2018, in the Curve at Leytonstone Library. We start at 7.30pm and aim to finish at 9pm.

You’re welcome to come along, listen and contribute if you wish. There’s no charge and no ticket is required; just turn up.

iGod – Smart thinking?