Sermon Summary - Thursday 24 December 2015

Main Bible passage:  John 1:1-18

In this booklet you’ve read about the events of Christmas and some of the implications of them. But there’s much more to know about Jesus. How can he get rid of our sins? How does he overcome death? How can he tackle those deep rooted fears which surface in our lives all the time? There are many questions we’ve not answered here. So don’t stop reading. Go back to the Bible and read more about him. Come to church and hear more. Talk to a Christian friend and learn more. There’s so much to know about Jesus.

But for this last page, let’s have one final reading from the Bible. The one above really captures all that Jesus can give to us, in some beautiful language. It speaks of Jesus as God: the creator of all things. It speaks of Jesus as a light which has come to shine into our lives. It speaks of Jesus as glorious because he makes God known to us. It speaks of Jesus making people into God’s children. It speaks of Jesus as the one who gives true life.

We need these hopes. Life has been spoiled. Maybe you especially feel that at Christmas. Many find this time of year to be a strain. Tension builds up, stress increases, worries and anxieties come in, loneliness and loss hit hard. Not everybody enjoys Christmas, even though they may hide their sadness behind the food and drink – maybe that’s you. But in Jesus, God has come to save us. The mess is our fault, but Jesus provides the answer and it’s good – really good!

Jesus gives a life you cannot find anywhere else. I hope that this Christmas you discover that for yourself.

In him was life (8 of 8)
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