Sermon Summary - Thursday 24 December 2015

Main Bible passage:  Luke 2:1-20

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God doing the impossible: there’s a thought. If he did the impossible in the past, what might he do now? Maybe he can even change your life. Rescue you from the parts you’re ashamed of. Forgive the harm you’ve caused. Heal the wounds you’ve nursed over the years. If Christmas is about God doing the impossible, what might that mean for you?

After Jesus was born, a gang of night-shift workers were shocked to discover that it certainly affected them. They saw sights in the night which convinced them that God was more real than they’d ever imagined – you can read of them in the passage listed above. What the men encountered drove them to hunt down the location of Jesus and be thrilled when they found him. You just couldn’t shut them up! They told everyone they met about Jesus because, they said, it was such good news that he’d been born.

What was so good about it? Well, certainly that Jesus was born to be king. They heard something very similar to the words Isaiah had heard hundreds of years earlier: Jesus would be a great leader. But so what? Why was that good? Because it had implications for them. This baby king would grow up to save them and bring them peace.

Why did they need saving? For the same reason you and I do: sin. That’s a word which sums up our faults. No, let’s put that more strongly: our wickedness. Sin refers to the rotten side of human beings which has messed up the world and created all the bad news we meet each day. Jesus was born to save us from that disaster. And that’s good news.

Good news (4 of 8)
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