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The aim of these posts (which come from a booklet we produce) is to give you the opportunity to learn a little about Jesus. Over 2000 years, his life and teaching have made a life-changing impact on many people. They continue to do so today. I want to introduce him to you, in the hope that you’ll discover the same.

According to a 2015 survey only 60% of the UK population believe Jesus was a real man. Many think the stories about him are made-up. However, what’s recorded about Jesus in the Bible is not myth or fiction. It’s about an actual man who spoke words and did things which were remembered and recorded. To read the Bible is to read of true events.

But I want you to discover this for yourself. So on each of the following pages, you’ll find a passage to read from the Bible. Each reading doesn’t take long and all are connected with Jesus’ birth since the booklet was written for Christmas – the season of the year when we celebrate Jesus’ birth.

So how do you use this booklet? Firstly, take it as a time to seek God. Jesus claims that through him we can truly know our creator. Next, look up and read the Bible passage shown at the top of each post in brackets next to the title. You can do this by clicking on the reference (for example: Isaiah 9:1-7) since it will take you to an online Bible. However, if you’re not sure about that then why not ask a Christian friend to read with you? If that’s not possible then you’re welcome to get in touch with us for help. After you have done that, read the rest of the page: the words have been written to help you to see what all this can mean for you.

These posts are also available as a small PDF booklet, which can be downloaded by clicking on the image below.

Christmas Readings

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