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Sermon Summary - Sunday 26 April 2020

Main Bible passage:  Acts 28:15-22

Paul has finally arrived in Rome. His priority is to speak with the Jewish leaders, to assure them that he has committed no crime but that, rather, he has found Messiah – the hope of Israel. Paul had a deep desire to see his own people come to know Jesus and be saved, a passion he had previously written about to the folk in Rome (Romans 9:1-3). It was one he shared with others including Jesus himself who wept over Jerusalem. At times Christians will find themselves feeling concern like this, for that is to be like God.

Our church service could not take place as usual due to social restrictions. The audio recording above comes originally from a video recording which our pastor made at home. Please note that it includes, at one point, him referring to a diagram which is being displayed on the screen.

Straight talk
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