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Sermon Summary - Sunday 19 April 2020

Main Bible passage:  Acts 28:7-14

On the island of Malta, Paul makes a big impression with the locals as the Lord Jesus heals many through him. He and the others are then able to find another ship and make their way up to Rome, via various stopping points. In all this that happens to Paul, and in the way that Luke describes it, we see that they truly are disciples of Jesus. They have learned to live and act like their master. He sets the agenda and the shape of their lives. They willingly follow him, for this is what it means to be a Christian.

Our church service could not take place as usual due to social restrictions. The audio recording above comes originally from a video recording which our pastor made at home. Please note that it includes, at one point, him referring to a map of Paul’s journey from Malta to Rome which is being displayed on the screen.

Following the teacher
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