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Sermon Summary - Sunday 23 April 2023

Main Bible passage:  1 Samuel 5

Israel’s judge of 40 years has fallen: his sons are dead, his daughter-in-law is dead, he is dead. Meanwhile, the Philistines think they have humiliated Israel’s little ‘god in a box’ by taking the golden Ark of the Lord and putting it in service next to their god Dagon. But the Lord is fully in charge. Next morning, stony Dagon is on the floor. The day after, his neck and hands are smashed. From then on, it’s a plague haunts the land until the Philistines get the message that their god is useless, but the Lord is very real. We make a serious mistake when we build our hopes of the fragile things of this world.

Photo by Francesco Frilli on Pexels

Humpty Dumpty
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