The evening will consist of a presentation by our guest speaker, Gayle Pennant, followed by a chance to ask questions and raise discussion.  We start at 7.15pm and aim to finish around 9pm.  Whatever your belief, you’re welcome to come along, listen and contribute.  No ticket is required and no charge is made; just turn up.  You can find Leytonstone Library on Google Maps by clicking here.

If you enjoy coming to the talk and would be interested if we organised others in a similar style, then please let us know.

Our topic: Childhood shapes the adult that follows. Our concerns for the mental and physical health of our children show we’re very aware of that. But what helps a child develop well? What doesn’t? And how does belief in God fit into this? Some say it’s a fairy story which wears off; others claim it is actively harmful. But Gayle Pennant thinks differently. She works as a chartered educational psychologist for Caring For Life (, a Christian charity which practically supports folk who have had the poorest life-openings, to help them find hope and change. Key to this professional work she does is her faith in Jesus Christ. If you’re interested in how childhood shapes us, Gayle’s experience is worth hearing and discussing.

The impact of childhood