Over the last 2000 years, Jesus Christ has hugely affected the course of history and many individual lives. But many have heard confused or confusing messages about him and the impact he’s made. So we’ve gone back to some of the earliest information we have – a short booklet in the Bible called “The Gospel of Mark” – to try to explain who Jesus is, what he did and what it means for us today. On this web page is a growing list of talks which began to be recorded in October 2020. They are by our pastor – David Last – and they go consecutively through the story of Mark. Each comes with its own webpage which contains some supporting media to help with thinking and learning from the gospel. We hope you’ll have a listen and respond to what you hear. Click on the title to get to the talk.

You’ll notice that the talks below refer to particular sections of the gospel of Mark using chapter and verse numbers. If you’re not familiar with the Bible, you may not have come across this before. Every book of the Bible is broken down in this way, to make it easier to refer to particular parts. So, for example, when you see a reference like “Mark 1:1-13” it means the talk is about verses 1-13 in the chapter 1 of Mark. Whenever you read a Bible, whether online or printed, you will find these numbers printed among the words. Click here for an example of that: Mark 1:1-13 on Bible Gateway.

And thank you to NASA for the picture of the earth used to advertise this series on the front page of our website.

Talk No.DateTitlePassage
16th October 2020The Son of GodMark 1:1-13
216th October 2020No-one speaks like thisMark 1:14-28
322nd October 2020Everyone is looking for youMark 1:29-39
47th November 2020Breaking through barriersMark 1:40-2:12