(Full title in printed version: Appendix B. Powers relating to property)

The Church acting by its officers and subject to the provisions of Section 36 of the Charities Act 1993 may from time to time:

  • buy sell or rent land or buildings (whether freehold or leasehold);
  • borrow money and enter into any security by way of mortgage upon the assets of the Church (whether real or personal); and
  • enter into any lease as Landlord (provided that the terms of such lease do not conflict with the doctrinal position of the Church).

The Church may by general meeting from time to time:

  • appoint suitable persons (whether individuals or an incorporated body) to act as Trustees of property on behalf of the Church provided that not more than eight nor less than four Trustees shall be appointed from time to time (unless one of the Trustees is an incorporated body in which case only one Trustee need be appointed);
  • remove any individual or incorporated body from the position of Trustee;

PROVIDED that a copy of the minute of such appointment or removal signed by an elder or deacon of the Church shall be sufficient proof of the contents thereof in favour of anyone dealing with the Church or its Trustees from time to time in good faith.