Jesus’ response

Here are 7 situations which can arise in life. How would you respond in each case?

  • A colleague at work lies about you to protect their job.
  • Your partner is behaving strangely and you’re suspicious.
  • Your brother is diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • Wrong conduct in your past keeps making you feel ashamed.
  • Your friend is behaving badly and getting into more and more trouble.
  • Somebody you know tells you that he’s “found God”.
  • The future seems uncertain and you want to find some hope.

Ok, so you’ve given your responses. Now could we invite you to consider some alternatives? Jesus met people facing similar situations and the answers he gave transformed lives: either theirs or those of others listening in to the conversation. As Jesus spoke about our rebellion against God, its effects on our lives and the need of forgiveness, those who responded to him found new life: everlasting life. So whether you’re actually facing one of the situations above or not, will you come and find out what Jesus has to say? We have 7 talks this year to help you to do so and we’d be glad to have you with us for any, or all, of them – the dates and titles are shown below.

27/02/2011 A deceitful world
27/03/2011 Broken relationships
01/05/2011 Mortality
29/05/2011 Guilt and shame
26/06/2011 Bad behaviour
31/07/2011 The search for God
28/08/2011 Wanting hope