How do you know… ?

How do you know what to do with your life? What guides you? Experts in the media? Ideas picked up here and there? Some inner-sense of right and wrong? What if you were told that there is something that can help you know the best thing to do? Would you be interested? What if that something was the Bible? Would you then stop being interested?

You see, often people get the wrong idea about the Bible. They think it’s a book full of old ideas which are just for religious people. It has nothing to say to anyone else. But in fact the reality is completely different. The truth is that the Bible is actually a book which has changed people’s lives – for good. And we’re not just talking about religious people or people who lived a long time ago. We’re talking about ordinary, modern people like you.

Well in the summer of 2008 our pastor, David Last, gave eight sermons about the Bible and everyday life. So why not listen/read to one (or more) of them? And think again about what the Bible has to say to you. You can read short summaries of the sermons, or listen to the full sermons, using the links below.

13/07/2008 Can I afford it?
20/07/2008 Living with others
27/07/2008 A great night out
03/08/2008 Getting to the top
17/08/2008 I never thought…
24/08/2008 The soundtrack of life
31/08/2008 It’s much more important…
07/09/2008 Whom can you trust?