Contact leaflet

Every so often we design a handout which we give away free in the local community. These folded A4 leaflets are printed for us by Print24 (whom we have used over a number of years for a range of leaflets). You can also download our leaflets in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format using the links below. The most recent ones are at the top.

Contact Easter 2016 Contact Christmas 2015 Contact Summer 2015 Contact Easter 2015 Contact Christmas 2014
Contact Autumn 2014 Contact Easter 2014 Contact Christmas 2013 Contact Autumn 2013 Contact Easter 2013
Contact Christmas 2012 Contact Autumn 2012 Contact Easter 2012 Contact Christmas 2011 Contact Autumn 2011
Contact Easter 2011 Contact Christmas 2010 Contact Summer 2010 Contact Easter 2010 Contact Christmas 2009
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