A question of conscience

Inside you is your conscience. It’s that inner voice which tells you when you’re going wrong – doing things you shouldn’t. It makes you feel guilty and it makes you feel the need to do better. Yet however hard you try to do better next time, your conscience still nags at you for the past. And anyway, you know that no matter how hard you try, sooner or later you’ll fail again. Your conscience will soon have something new to trouble you about.

Of course you could ignore it. Many of us do and eventually its voice can fade in strength. Which means that things we once wouldn’t have dreamed of doing, we now do without thinking. And as for the past, we simply concentrate on suppressing what happened – just forget about it! But even then, our conscience doesn’t go completely away; it’s still there and it still troubles us.

But why? If we’re just an evolved set of chemicals why do we have a conscience?

The Bible’s answer is that you’re much more than a chance collection of atoms. You’ve been made by God, for a purpose: to live in God’s ways. Conscience is the built-in reminder of that. When a properly working conscience nags at you, it’s actually telling you about how you’ve gone astray from God. Which is a warning that you need to get things sorted out with God before you die and meet Him.

How do you sort things out? By asking God for forgiveness through Jesus Christ. He can bring relief to your conscience, freedom from guilt and the beginning of a new life. So why not find out more? Just click to listen to, or read, one of the talks on conscience-troubling topics below. Each was given at Forest Baptist Church in 2009.

Isn’t it time to start dealing with your conscience?

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