9 special offers

Each of the following sermon titles is an offer that you cannot do for yourself. Many are longings which we all have, but the reality is that we never have them fulfilled. The Bible says this is due to our sin. It means we have turned away from God to live our own way, thus angering God and ruining our lives.

But God has graciously made available a new type of life through his Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus once said that he had to come so that those who become his followers “could have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10, NIV). The offers on this page come true for those who turn to Jesus Christ asking him for forgiveness for their sin, and new life.

These offers were explained in a series of sermons at Forest Baptist Church on the dates shown. Clicking on the links below will allow you either to listen to the sermons or read a copy of them.

28/02/2010 You can find God
28/03/2010 You can be forgiven
25/04/2010 You can change
30/05/2010 You can beat fear & worry
27/06/2010 You can be wise
25/07/2010 You can escape loneliness
29/08/2010 You can know real love
31/10/2010 You can face illness & death
28/11/2010 You can have hope