400 for 400

To celebrate the 400th anniversary, in 2011, of the King James Bible we laid out a reading plan which covers 400 Bible verses – one for every year of the KJB’s lifetime. The plan was published in our Easter 2011 Contact leaflet which you can find by clicking on the words “Contact leaflet” in the menu on the left.

The Bible as a whole contains over 30,000 verses, so 400 is only a tiny proportion and we’d be delighted for people to read many more. But 400 can, at least introduce you to the heart of the Bible’s message. So we’ve chosen verses which do just that and laid them out as 21 readings. If you read one per day then you’ll have completed the plan in just 3 weeks.

Fuller details about our plan can be found in the leaflet. The plan itself is shown below. If you click below on one of the Bible references then you will be taken to a website where you can read the particular verses mentioned.

Oh, and if you’re looking for the solution to the crossword that was also in the leaflet then click on the following words: Crossword Solution.

Please read Genesis 1:1-2:3
34 verses. Total so far: 34/400.
We’ll start with creation. These verses give a superbly written summary of how the universe began with a person, not impersonal matter.

Please read Genesis 3:1-19
19 verses. Total so far: 53/400.
Genesis 3 then shows how life went wrong through human selfishness: our desire to be our own little gods, rather than obey our creator.

Please read Genesis 12:1-9
9 verses. Total so far: 62/400.
God could have left us to destroy ourselves. Instead he worked to bring hope to the world. A key figure in the plan was Abram (Abraham).

Please read Exodus 3:1-15
15 verses. Total so far: 77/400.
God turned Abraham’s family into the nation of Israel and taught them about Himself through Moses. Here he reveals his name to Moses.

Please read Exodus 12:1-13
13 verses. Total so far: 90/400.
God’s punishment for our sin is death, as dramatically shown one terrible night in Egypt. But also seen is a way to escape death.

Please read Exodus 20:1-17
17 verses. Total so far: 107/400.
To find this salvation we have firstly to recognise our wrongdoing. God exposes our sin to us through the laws He gave to Israel.

Please read Psalm 51:1-13
13 verses. Total so far: 120/400.
Some Israelites admitted their rotten ways, expressing it with words such as these. We all should feel the same and own up to our sin.

Please read 1 Samuel 16:1-13
13 verses. Total so far: 133/400.
Forgiveness then comes through God’s eternal king. We see a little of what this king is like through temporary Israelite kings such as David.

Please read 2 Samuel 7:1-17
17 verses. Total so far: 150/400.
God promised his great king would come from David’s family. This was fulfilled when Jesus was born to one of David’s descendants.

Please read Psalm 22:1-18
18 verses. Total so far: 168/400.
God said His king would sacrifice himself to save his people. This would mean great suffering, as described in this Psalm.

Please read Isaiah 11:1-12
12 verses. Total so far: 180/400.
For many years David’s family let God down. But prophets like Isaiah still spoke of the great king who was yet to come.

Please read Isaiah 53:1-12
12 verses. Total so far: 192/400.
Isaiah spoke of the king’s terrible suffering, describing his death as a sacrifice for others’ sins: taking their punishment on himself.

Please read Matthew 1:17-2:23
32 verses. Total so far: 224/400.
Jesus’ birth fulfilled all the prophecies given to Israel. From birth he was both opposed and honoured: this was the pattern for all his life.

Please read Luke 4:16-41
26 verses. Total so far: 250/400.
At 30 Jesus began proving he was God’s king and calling people to follow him. Some did but others hated him and wished him dead.

Please read Mark 9:1-13
13 verses. Total so far: 263/400.
Jesus’ closest friends saw who he really was: the Son of God. They also learned he had to die if he was to save his people from their sins.

Please read John 18:19-19:42
64 verses. Total so far: 327/400.
Jesus was betrayed, falsely tried and executed unjustly. But he willingly died because he knew his death brought forgiveness to others.

Please read John 20:1-31
31 verses. Total so far: 358/400.
Death, however, was not the end of the story for Jesus. God raised him back to life and he was seen by many people.

Please read Luke 24: 44-53
10 verses. Total so far: 368/400.
Jesus then appointed preachers to tell the world about how he fulfils God’s long plan to bring forgiveness and new life to people.

Please read Acts 17:22-31
10 verses. Total so far: 378/400.
These preachers went to many places and told out this new message God had sent to the world. Christians today are still telling it.

Please read Romans 5:6-11
6 verses. Total so far: 384/400.
The message is about God’s anger with us for our sin and how Jesus can save us from guilt and punishment, reconciling us to God.

Please read John 3:1-16
16 verses. Total so far: 400/400.
Jesus gives a new, everlasting life to everyone who truly turns from their own way of living and believes in him.